Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, Happy Day

It's been a long time since my last post and soooo much has changed. I will skip all the dramatic details and tell you that today was my first day back in the computer lab!!! Oh, it was such a great day, a busy day but a great day. In case you missed all the drama back in October I was taken out of the computer lab and my job changed to the ISS teacher. Last week I found out I was going back to the computer lab--I did a small happy dance in front of my principal and today I went back home, which has always been the computer lab. So of course we jumped right into some Valentine's Day activities. The kids love to make word clouds and they are even better when you can change the shape, color and font. Tagxedo is a site that allows students to create word clouds with style. Some of the most popular shapes today were hearts, balloons, flowers and stars. It is a must see website! All of my grade levels are making word clouds this week and my students in third thru fifth grade are also typing poems and we are using festisite to make them shape like a heart. This site also allows students to create mazes, spirals and waves using text. I hope you can use these sites in your classroom.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Calling All Kindergarten Bloggers

If you are a kindergarten teacher, I need your help! One of my fellow co-workers who has taught kindergarten for 17 years has a question for you...

How do you justify color, cut and fine motor skills in your classroom? 

There is nothing in common core or essential standards to justify these activities in the classroom. Thanks in advance for your answers and comments!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

Oh, Monday why must you treat me so bad...yesterday was a whirl wind of a day. Let's see......I have learned that with my new job I am pulled in a million different places. I do get to spend more time in the classroom, I have had the privilege of working with pre-k, first grade, and second grade. I love the little ones, I was able to sit in the floor and make alphabet necklaces with pre-k. We went outside for recess and I played store/gas station with them. So the little people! Okay now on to the not so pleasant part--my little angel that got sent to ISS--oh why I ask...why? It felt like torture, I am not made for ISS. This child is kicking chairs, desk and crying hsterically...what do I do? I really felt like all this child wanted was someone to listen so I tried to be that person and it worked for about an hour and then here came another hour of hysterical crying--until finally her mother arrived to get her. I literally felt like the life had been sucked from me. Oh, how thankful I am that next Monday is a holiday!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The First Two Days

This is the second day without our four {if you recall, our school system cut four teacher assistants last month} Yesterday was the first day without my dear friends...and lets just was a crazy day! We are very short staffed, we have no very little subs and when someone is out it is difficult to find coverage for them. Well yesterday we had four teachers out and a long term sub so we needed coverage for five people. Well, they managed to find three subs and we had to call back two of those who were let go. As you know I am the new ISS teacher, administrator, well dang I don't know what I am...just call me the Jack of All Trades:) I had to cover my daughters first grade class for a while...and that was tons of fun, they sung me their morning song, we played math games, and I heard all about their trick-or-treating adventures. This was today was much of the same... I had a sweet little darling in ISS {we all know these sweet little children, that sometimes just can't help themselves} which I had to take with me to lunch because I had to help cover pre-k. So around 10:40 we all headed to lunch--let me just say I do not like this lunch time--it is shared with the entire middle/high school, so these little angels are eating quietly in their tiny little chairs at their tiny little tables and we are surrounded by big kids that are loud, with their hoods on, hats on, listening to music and doing everything we teach our children not to do. Not to mention my sweet little ISS child is having to sit there trying to complete his work with all these distractions and all he can concentrate on is food--this is not his lunch time so he just gets to sit there, trying to do his work. By 11:30 it is time to return this child back to his class and I get to help pre-k until my computer class starts. Didn't I say my new title is Jack of All Trades:) I do have to say--a day like today makes the day go extremely fast!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Last week, I started my new position as ISS facilitator, teacher, administrator...I'm not sure what my new job title would be. I actually don't get a new job title, but if I did it should be...Mrs. Spencer--Jack of All Trades--:) I seriously have so many job duties now it is hard to keep up with them all. I did embrace my new job a little better than I thought I would. The discipline at my school is much better this year than it has been in recent years so I have only had two little visitors in ISS so far. The last ISS teacher had pretty decorations all over the room, when she moved to her new job she took all of her things with her and now the room is nothing but white walls. I do not think the ISS room should be fun to I am leaving the room with nothing--no posters, no colorful bins, no cutsy decorations--NOTHING! For those of you that know me, know that I love to decorate my classroom, buy new things, add pops of color, so I have slowly been bringing home all of my decor and storing it for when I get to use it again.

My prayers go out to those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. School was closed for us today due to the effects felt from the storm. I live on the coast of NC, check out some of the pictures from when the storm passed by us...

All Photos Courtesy of Facebook:
Bridge on Hwy 12

Road compromised leading to Hatteras Island due to flood waters.

Kitty Hawk

Sea Foam

Avalon Pier

Friday, October 12, 2012

Better Attitude

After a few minor breakdowns with all the new changes, I have vowed to come to work today with a better attitude. This school year has drained me, everything I knew at the beginning of this year has changed. Everyday something else changes, yesterday I learned I would not be teaching computer skills anymore. I feel like my principal has taken away any opportunity I have to work with the children. I no longer get to be a resource teacher or be second grade teacher assistant:( Those feelings {sad, bitter, angry, hurt, betrayed...} are taking over me and they have for the past few days but I decided not today! I will continue to come to work and be the best I can for all students. Hopefully, I can make a difference with those students who have behavior issues. Please keep me in your prayers as I transition into my new role...I'm definitely going to need them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stuck on an Escalator

This video was played yesterday at a workshop that took place at my school. The point of this video was to show how students rely on us as 'teachers' to give them the answer. Some students have a hard time thinking through a problem and figuring out a solution on their own. We as teachers need to motivate, encourage and lead  our students on the correct path to higher order thinking skills.

On to a more heartbreaking note: In the past few days our school staff has been reduced by six people. The changes that have taken place this week has dramatically affected our school family. Those of us who remain will be getting new assigned jobs this afternoon. I cannot think of one word that describes me at this point. I feel so many mixed emotions. I am very thankful to have a job...but the school family, as I know it, no longer exist. I know we are all in for more changes, this was just the first round of layoffs. Those of us that are left need to take notes from Stretch Armstrong, because we are going to be stretched as far as we can go. My heart aches and my brain will not focus, I feel like I am stuck on this escalator and cannot figure a way off:(